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Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance Final Rule   6 ways the short-term medical change could impact you Below, we’ve highlighted 6 things to know about the short-term medical (STM) news, including how these changes could result in lower premium payments for you. 1. READ MORE >>

Our national debt is in the trillions of dollars, but most are unaware of how much money that really is. Most people also don't realize what could happen to our taxes in the future because of this mountain of debt. If you ever wanted to know what $1 trillion really looks like, then watch this video--and find out what the could mean for your future income taxes. READ MORE >>

  There are many financial experts on the radio these days giving you an overwhelming amount of information. They all have their own strategies to get you out of debt and on the right path for a wealthy retirement. While all of them have different opinions and varying advice, one thing they generally agree on is to buy cheap term and invest the rest. READ MORE >>

    The stock market has had three great years of growth, averaging about 18%. The Dow is the highest it has ever been because of these 3 years of exponential growth. Many experts predicted 2015 would hold even greater promise, and at first it did. READ MORE >>

What Would You Do If........ -A visitor fell down the steps at your home? -Kids were playing in your yard and got bit by your dog? What would happen to your family? In today litigious society, you're more than likely get sued! Did you know, the average personal injury jury in 2006 awarded $301,000 for vehicular liability cases and $547,000 for premises liability. READ MORE >>

Becoming Your Own Bank In today's world almost everyone relies on banks. Most people and businesses could not survive without banks. It seems like there is a bank on every street corner, and the well- managed banks are making huge profits. Have you ever given any thought about the way banks function and how simple the business model really is? READ MORE >>

Money Saving Tips -Start on the first day of the month and save every receipt. Review the stack at the end of the month. This will allow you to clearly see where all of your money goes, and see what changes need to be made. -Aim for short-term savings goals, such as setting aside $20 a week or month rather than long term goals. READ MORE >>

You’ve thought about retirement all your life and the moment is almost here, but are you ready for it? If you’re not sure if you should retire or not, here are a few ways to help you decide if you should call it a career or continue to work for a few more years: 1. READ MORE >>

Do You Have a Debt Pay-Down Plan Like This One? Just recently, a local couple came in to see me and they were very distressed about their debt. They knew retirement was just around the corner and not only were they not saving enough but with the amount of debt they were carrying, they felt that there was no way they could ever reach their goal of being out of debt by retirement. READ MORE >>

Link found between stress and stroke Stroke is a devastating experience in which blood is cut off from a part of the brain. It can have many contributing factors, and one of them, Physicians now say, is stress. According to the journal Stroke, researchers looked at medical records of more than 6,000 men and women who participated in a 16-year study. READ MORE >>

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