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Can I Really Have a Tax-Free Retirement?


Tax-Free Retirement With Indexed Universal Life Insurance!


If you consider the looming crisis with our National Debt of 22 Trillion Plus & the fact that we are in one of the lowest tax rate environments in our tax history, given the wave of boomers now reaching retirement age, we may be looking at a future of Reduced Benefits & Increased Taxes.

Today, the need is greater than ever to protect your estate while building your retirement assets and sheltering them from excessive taxation.

Fixed index universal life insurance offers three kinds of tax advantages to provide financial security to your beneficiaries and help accumulate potential cash value for your future:

• Your beneficiaries get an income-tax-free death benefit.


• Your policy’s cash value has the potential to grow tax-deferred


• Your loans from the policy’s available cash value are income-tax-free while the policy remains in force

And of course, the less you pay in taxes, the more cash value that remains in your policy – adding to your potential to accumulate more for retirement and other financial needs. 

With an Fixed Universal Life policy, your available cash  value can earn interest based on changes in an external 

market index.  This is called “indexed interest.”

When you purchase your policy, you can select one or more index allocation options. The insurance company tracks the performance of your index(es) for you and then use your chosen crediting method to calculate the indexed interest. This indexed interest is added to your cash value.




You get cash value accumulation potential when the going is good. At the end of each policy year, if the result is positive, you’ll be credited indexed interest to your policy (subject to a cap or participation rate). Any indexed interest you receive is locked in each year and once it’s locked in, it can never be lost, even if the index drops below this amount. Keep in mind that fees and charges will reduce the cash value.

You get downside protection when the going gets tough. If the result is negative, you’ll receive no indexed interest, but your policy’s cash value won’t decrease due to negative index performance, because the value is locked in from the previous year, although fees and charges will reduce the cash value. This can be done because you’re not actually participating in the market or investing in any stock or bond.



Call Les Turner to discuss how fixed index universal life insurance can help provide financial security for your loved ones, while helping you accumulate potential cash value for future needs.


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